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Global Web Solutions Business Services
E-mail Solutions:
  • Standard E-mail Accounts
  • Email-2-Fax (Email to Fax) Solutions

Standard E-mail Accounts incl. with all hosting/access
add'l acct's: 5ea-block : $15 / mo.
Residential accts go here
POP and/or forwarding business e-mail account(s) are standard with all hosting and access service contracts. Number of accounts varies with the level of service. Additional accounts and/or alias's are always available : extra accounts are $15 per month for a block of 5 accounts.   Utilization of your domain name is included at no charge!  (i.e.:

Additionally, all accounts have full web messaging capabilities, enabling you to not only manage your own account, but to send and receive your e-mail from any computer in the world that has Internet access!

All business E-mail accounts provide for:

  • 250 MB of storage for each mailbox (NOTE: this is not 250MB for all accounts to share - this is 250MB PER ADDRESS)
  • 2 levels of Spam and Virus filtering
  • POP3 and Web Enabled
  • custom filters available
  • Auto-Responses, Vacation Messages, etc.
  • Additional functionality of List Services with auto signup/removal is available!

Additional storage space is available in 100MB blocks for $5.00 per month per block.

Email-2-Fax (Email to Fax) Accounts $15.00 per month
for 300 messages max. per month;
call-outs to local or toll free numbers only.
A great solution for those who do not want to be chained to a computer to get e-mail!  With this unique service, you can assign an e-mail account to be automatically forwarded to your fax machine!  No logging into the Internet to get e-mail.  Our server will actually dial your fax machine and transmit your e-mail to you through this method whenever you get a message!

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*Numbers dialed must be local calls or placed to toll free numbers
* $0.25 per fax over 300 fax limit


*For non-business (individual) accounts, we offer our very own exclusive
Personalized Address e-mail accounts!


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