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GlobalWeb.net is an official BV Commerce Hosting Partner, and we have a hosting plan for you! Full featured E-Com Hosting packages - EVERYTHING you need. details...
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GlobalWeb.net is an Official BV Commerce Partner Re-Seller. We offer standard discounts of 10% off the list rate for the software.

Host your site with us and receive 20% OFF your copy of BV Software.


BV Commerce is packed with features - all designed to provide ease of product and store management to you - the store owner - and for your visitor, the most pleasant functionality an e-commerce store has to offer. Your customers will love this shopping experience! Compare your options to see what's best for you!

For Your Shoppers

  • Ease of Shopping: Pleasant shopping interface with professional designs
  • Find exactly what they need: Full search features by product name, description or category 
  • Customer Self-Controlled Account: "My Account" section where customer sets desired shipping information, tracks their order status, and can add/remove themselves from the store mailing list, etc.

For the Store Owner

  • Database: MS Access or MS SQL
  • Management: Full Web Based Management for all aspects of the store, including store setup, product management, and sales reporting
  • Products & Categories: [SS] Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Product Attributes: [SS] Unlimited number of product attributes - PLUS - a choice of format for each attribute (text box, drop down or radial)
  • Related Items: Convenient "Related Items" feature - drive customers to other related items for additional sales
  • Product Images & Store Graphics: [SS] Upload product images and store logos directly through the administrative forms - no FTP - resize and optimize thumbnail pictures on-the-fly! (saves enormous amounts of time in grahics work!)
  • Page Templates & Colors: [SS] [SS] [SS] Easily change page layouts, color schemes and buttons with the "click of the mouse" . We can add color schemes and custom layouts/buttons anytime!
  • Design Your Own Look: Use the stock templates provided - or design your own!
  • Overall Site Text Management: Manage all text content for the site through easy to use forms
  • Custom Pages: Add you own custom pages simply by clicking "Add Custom Page" from the secure admin area
  • Customer Mailing Lists: Managed mailing list features to keep participating shoppers up-to-date on all specials and promotions!
  • On-Line Payment Options: Your choice on how to accept payment for your customer: via e-mail (default) for a manual merchant submission; or live CC authorization through many of the leading CC merchants such as LinkPoint (Card Service Int'l), Verisign's Pay Flow Pro, PsiGate, and more! If we do not already support your merchant, we can custom program it and add it in for you!
  • Shipping & Handling Choices: [SS] Set what shipping methods you wish to offer (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.). Also determine how rates are to be charged - carrier based rates automatically calculated, or simply choose a flat shipping fee per product, per order, or based on the volume of the order.
  • State Sales Tax: Control what States you must charge sales tax for; itemized in order process.


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