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GlobalWeb.net is an official BV Commerce Hosting Partner, and we have a hosting plan for you! Full featured E-Com Hosting packages - EVERYTHING you need. details...
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Software Discounts!

GlobalWeb.net is an Official BV Commerce Partner Re-Seller. We offer standard discounts of 10% off the list rate for the software.

Host your site with us and receive 20% OFF your copy of BV Software.


BV Commerce is complete in taking care of all of the security enabled features required for proper e-commerce functionality...

For Your Shoppers

  • Secure Order Process: The final order stage, where payment information is collected, is performed under an SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protected area
  • "My Account" Security: Each "My Account" user sets their own password for added security. Furthermore the "My Account" section is also served up under the SSL area.

For the Store Owner

  • Database: The database is kept secure off the web space with no browsing access rights set to it.
  • Administrative Area: The entire Admin Area of the store is serviced under the SSL area. This includes the :
    • Payment Information Retrieval for manually processed orders
    • Customer Management Section
    • Sales and Reporting Section

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