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Q.: How do you make an e-commerce web site secure?

A.: Secure Servers, and transactions performed on them, are enabled by binding Secure Socket Layers (SSL) digital certificates on the web site.  This process provides 128 bit encryption technology, which prevents the interception of data and sensitive information transferred within this process.

We use Thawte Digital Certificates - a Verisign Company.  Verisign is the world's leader in encryption technology!

Trust is vital to e-commerce.
To confidently communicate and transact business on the Internet, enterprises and individuals must be able to identify who they are dealing with, and assure themselves that information exchanged online is safe from interception and alteration.

Thawte helps you establish the trust needed to make e-commerce work - For every transaction, every communication, everywhere.

Server IDs, or digital certificates, are the trust solution for Web sites, intranets, and extranets. Server IDs allow sites to instantly identify themselves to users and to encrypt transactions, such as credit card data, with their visitors. And Thawte Server IDs not only equip your site with the authentication and privacy users require to trust transactions and communications with your organization; but also come with a variety of enhanced services designed to help you provide your users with the safest, most trustworthy Web experience possible.

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