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If you need high speed Internet connectivity but can't get cable, DSL, or wireless, or if you want to turbo-charge your existing broadband connection,'s TURBO Boost is for you.

Global Web Solutions®, Inc. in partnership with Artera Group, Inc., is pleased to introduce's TURBO Boost. This new, innovative, patent-pending service dramatically speeds up the delivery of web-based content. With's TURBO Boost, there'll be no more endless waiting for web pages to display or files to be downloaded. Best of all, the technology behind's TURBO Boost enhances any type of Internet connection - (dial-up modem, cable, DSL, wireless, etc...) and can be used with almost all Internet Providers (AOL support coming soon).


Artera Group, Inc. introduces a paradigm shift. Rather than upgrading the infrastructure, the TURBO software uses intelligent management to deliver more data over the existing lines. TURBO's advanced data processing and performance enhancement techniques optimize the existing architecture.'s TURBO Boost averages a 5X speed boost for standard 56K dialup users. Over time, as the Artera software learns, your speed continues to increase. Multi-line dial up solutions aggregate bandwidth from several phone lines and Internet accounts and may provide data exchange 7-9 times faster than with a 56k modem. The same applies to any broadband solution as well, from grounded lines, to wireless, to satellite.

Other TURBO Features include:

  • Ultra-Secure Firewall provides complete protection against hackers. With its stealth mode of operation, outsiders won't even know your computer is there, making it likely that they'll move on to an easier unprotected target.
  • Site Blocking puts you in control. You can quickly and easily create a list of acceptable sites that anyone can visit or, inversely, a list of sites that no one can visit.
  • Content Control provides two additional layers of protection to keep users away from undesirable or unproductive Internet sites. Two standards are supported: the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) and Voluntary Content Rating (VCR). These standards identify the type of content found in web pages and denies access to web pages that do not meet the criteria set by you.
  • Usage Accounting lets you quickly see which web sites are being visited, by whom they are being visited and how much time is being spent there.
  • Connection Teaming harnesses the bandwidth of multiple connections, providing you with the ability to create as much bandwidth as you need.
  • Download Doubler splits file download requests into two parts then receives both parts of the file or graphic simultaneously, cutting download times in half.
  • FailSafe Download automatically recovers dropped connections and downloads continue without interruption. All of the data downloaded before the line dropped is saved. Only the remaining data is downloaded once the connection is recovered. No more having to start from scratch when your Internet connection drops.


Monthly Service Charges
No. of Users No. of Lines Monthly Fee  
1 1 $8.00  
1 2 $15.00  
5 user LAN 1 or 2 $20.00  

System Requirements
Windows® 98/2000/XP
64k RAM
PII, PIII, PIV, Celeron 750
5 Gig disk space
1 Gig free disk space
Internet connection (broadband or dial-up*)

*Dial-up Internet connection requirements
1 or 2 telephone lines
1 or 2 modems
1 or 2 ISP accounts (not AOL)

Expected Speeds
Connection Type Effective Web Browsing Speed Effective FTP Download speed  
1 dialup Up to 50% faster Up to 20% faster  
2 dialup Up to 150% faster Up to 20% faster  
DSL Up to 50% faster Up to 20% faster  
Cable Up to 50% faster Up to 20% faster  


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