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Internet Access Pricing:
56K v.90 & ISDN

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Individual Access Pricing...

Note: For Business Internet Access pricing, please see our Business pricing!

  • ALL DIGITAL, High Density, K56flex / V.90 / ISDN MODEMS!!
  • Spam and Virus filters ; POP and web based email

  • Sign-Up Today!!

    • (804) 346-5300 in Richmond or

    • (877) 800-GLOBAL Toll Free

  • Non-Profits Organizations:  Receive a 25% discount on most services!  Please contact us for details!

56K & ISDN Access Accounts - Individual

Pre-Paid Terms:

1 mo. 3 mo. 12 mo. Setup E-Mail IP's

56k V.90*

56k V.90 18.95/mo 16.95/mo 14.95/mo FREE 3 ea. n/a


64k ISDN 18.95/mo 16.95/mo 14.95/mo $10 3 ea. n/a
128 ISDN 37.90/mo 33.90/mo 29.90/mo $10 3 ea. n/a
56k V.90 Dedicated**
56k V.90 55.00/mo. (pd. monthly, 1 yr. term) $20 5 ea. 1
ISDN Dedicated**
64k ISDN  75.00/mo. (pd. monthly, 1 yr. term) $20 5 ea. 1
128k ISDN  125.00/mo. (pd. monthly, 1 yr. term) $20 10 ea. 1

Residential DSL Service

High Speed Connectivity - New Lower Pricing - starting at $45/mo !
A-DSL Connectivity See our A-DSL Options Here!

*Unlimited access is not defined as a dedicated or permanent connection service.  Unlimited access is defined as allowing you personally to access our service for as long and as much as needed.  It is not intended to be utilized by an unattended computer for extended periods of time.  We do offer dedicated connections accounts for these needs. 

E-Mail accounts  for Individual service plans are 100 MB mailboxes ea. and you can choose from any of our "personalized" domain names - a complete list of those are found here...

All dial-up access accounts:

  • have a 15 day satisfaction guarantee....if you're not completely satisfied with the quality of the service you receive, for whatever reason, simply notify us in writing within this initial grace period that you are unsatisfied with the account and wish to close it,  and your services fees are refunded in full!! (Set-Up fees are non-refundable).
  • 24/7 tech support
  • 3mo. and 12mo. dial-up terms are prepaid term obligations.  There are no refunds for cancellation of service.

Access to news groups is not included in this service.  For news groups, you may try visiting .

**Dedicated 56k and ISDN pricing includes all necessary router/modem equipment on our end, and the applicable telco line charges for our end.  Customer is responsible for router/modem equipment and telco charges on their end.  GWS will program ISDN routers for free if purchased from GWS.  GWS will also gladly assist Customer in ordering telco services to ensure the best value for Customer.


**Personal Webspace:
Each dial-up account comes with 50MB of personal web space - FREE. Personal web space may be used only for non-commercial information. Use your personal web space to put up family photos to show friends, display your artwork, hobbies, etc. Most importantly, have fun with it!

If you wish to utilize a Domain Name (i.e.: with your personal web space, you can do so for only $15 per month!  This service is billed up front for one year.

NOTE: Your personal web space is not automatically setup with a dial-up account. If you wish to have your own personal web space setup, simply request it and we will set it up for you and forward you all of the login/ftp information shortly.


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