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Exclusive Personalized
E-mail Addresses!!*

Your E-Mail Address is just as important as your signifies who you are. Why settle for pre-assigned names and addresses?

You can get your preferred choice of custom
E-mail addresses*, exclusively from Global Web Solutions, Inc., for FREE with any Internet Access Account. Our all digital Internet Access Accounts utilize the latest 56Kflex / V.90, ISDN and DSL technology, to provide the most reliable connections possible!

Sign up today for the best Internet Access in Richmond - and receive your custom E-mail address with your account!

*Subject to availability

If you have a suggestion for a Personalized E-mail name you would like to see added to the list, please let us know!

You may choose from any of the following domains to personalize your E-mail address:


More to Come!!
(Any suggestions???)


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