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Welcome to Global Web Solutions Inc. Members' Resources
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E-Mail Changes and Web Site Upgrades
8/15/02: To all E-Mail account holders:

We are posting this notice in an effort to keep you updated with changes and upgrades that we are implementing.

In this notice we will cover:
  A. E-Mail Changes
    A1. SMTP (sending) changes
    A2. Bulk email sending
  B. Web Site hosting upgrades


Due to the latest group of viruses that have emerged, we are taking steps to counter the effects and tricks that these viruses have evolved with. This step is to lock down the SMTP (outgoing/sending) service on the email servers. Starting the morning of August 15th, this new security procedure will be in place. If you are affected by this change (see below), there is a simple setting that needs to be changed in your email program to comply with this.

This change does not affect your ability to receive e-mail, just in how messages are sent using the email accounts that we service and provide for you. Currently, our mail server has verified that the sender of an e-mail message was an actual account holder before allowing mail to be sent. The latest round of viruses takes advantage of this practice and tricks our mail servers into thinking that they are valid account holders. This new change will now require the sender of a message being sent out through our server to "prove" the sender are a valid account holder before the messages will be sent. This is done by authenticating using your e-mail user ID and PW. Changing one setting in your e-mail program will auto-handle this procedure for you, in the exact same way that accout verification is done when checking your e-mail account for new messages.

This new security procedure will not affect everyone, as we will be authenticating most current users by the IP address (computer network address) that your computer uses while on the Internet. If the IP address you use is on the "approved" list, then you will automatically be allowed to send email with no further changes required. However, those users that we cannot pre-authenticated using this method will need to comply with a new SMTP authentication method. Those that are affected are detailed below:

2a. You WILL NOT BE affected if:
  * you dial into Global Web's local Richmond modems (56k or ISDN)
  * you use only Global Web's web-based email system
  * you have any form of dedicated connectivity with Global Web (DSL, ISDN, frac/Full T-1's, etc)
  * you have dedicated connectivity through another provider other than Global Web ONLY IF you have static IP's assigned to your circuit. This will require Global Web to know these IP's so we can list them in the "Allowed Use" range. Most larger businesses that we provide email services for will fall into this item.

ATTENTION COMPANY SYSTEM ADMIN's: Please email us at support@globalweb.net with the assigned IP ranges that you use so that we may get these listed in our system. IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT YOUR CONNECTION SERVICE PROVIDES TO YOU - PLEASE CALL US SO WE CAN HELP DETERMINE THIS INFORMATION FOR YOU.

2b. You WILL BE affected by this change if:
  * you dial into our national modem range ("gweb/" account holders)
  * you use any other regular dial-up service for your access to the Internet (Earthlink, AOL, Mindspring, etc.)
  * you have an always-on connection, through another provider, BUT do not have static IP's with that service (for example A-DSL service)

If you determine per above that you will not be affected, then you need to do nothing, but file this notice away for your records. However, if you determine that you will be affected by this change, a simple update in the email settings of your e-mail program will resolve this. The settings deal with adding your user ID and password to the SMTP authenticating section of your program. Full step-by-step details are on our Member's Support Section for you to conveniently use. Or you can use these links:
    Outlook / Outlook Express 4 & 5.x:
    Netscape 4.7x :


With the SMTP changes above, we will also be tightening down on a long standing policy that we have had, but never truly enforced. This deals with bulk sending of email. We haven't had to enforce this rule to date, but recently several different users have been sending emails out to 500+ email addresses at once. Processing this quantity of messages all at once via standard email smtp processing is a very taxing process on the mail server. Large bulk email sends are better handled by a list service function. Therefore, beginning on August 19, standard email process sending will be limited to the following criteria:
  from the same sender ....
    * no more than 50 emails will be allowed to be sent within any 10 minute period, and
    * no more than 100 emails will be allowed to be sent within a 30 minute period

If you require a larger quantity of emails to be sent out , please contact us for the available options.

We are also in the middle of migrating all web sites hosted with us to new, faster servers. Some of you have already received individual notification to this migration/upgrade. For others, please be on the look out for this notice. Web sites are being migrated one-by-one, and we will be getting to your site very soon.

As for the web site stats, we have also installed a new version of the web site stats software that we use. We have completed the exporting all current stats to this new server. You can still access your logs through the web site report login link found on the Member's section (/members) at all times, and/or by visiting http://yourdomain.com/webstats once your web site has been migrated to the new servers.


If you have any questions at all regarding this notice, please let us know right away.

As always, we truly appreciate your business and look forward to providing your services for years to come.

Thank you.

Global Web Solutions®, Inc.


All Systems Operational
All Systems Operational
Caution - Virus Alerts!
Caution - Virus Alerts!
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